App is the only option for public of Thakrakote says Kewal singh

A public meeting in Narkote(Laddha) was organized by Aam aadmi party in the presence of Senior Leader Sh. Kewal Singh Ji. Various Prominent people joined Aam aadmi party including Kalu Khan.

The main issues that were discussed in the meeting were
Electricity : people of Narkote, Prankote, Chakalwala,Takikote, Pattian, Ladda are facing serious problem of electricity. There is a lot of electricity cut in the area and people are facing some serious problem due to no electricity.
False meter: some people who don’t have electricity connection & there electricity consumption is zero but then also department is send them bill.
Water : the supply of water is the main problem of the people of the area more than fifty percent of population is not having clean& drinkable water.
Unemployment: Unemployment is the most important issue of the people the. Young ones have no work from the Govt. and are in depression due to no work.

  • School: Schools of the area of nartkote ,prankote, chakalwala, ladda, pattian, takikote are at worst condition. The buildings are damaged. The staff is almost zero. There is no staff in the schools of that area
    Mr. Singh promised to solve all there problems under there capacity & promised that He will raise all these issues to the higher authorities.